Spinach source of energy: Popeye’s tale.

Exploring the benefits of Spinach.

If you been an animation geek, you must have watched this cartoon series called Popeye The Sailor Man. The character with misfit limbs eats spinach from the can and gets energy whenever he has to punch bad guys. So the question is why spinach? Is spinach source of energy?

So if we dig into some benefits of spinach, these following points prove the importance of spinach for the energy.

Replenishes lost energy:

source of energy

People who feel low on energy after working, the consumption of spinach restores the lost energy because it contains Magnesium and Zinc which helps to recover faster. Spinach also contains Vitam C which reduces hypertension.

Strong Bones:

strong bones

Spinach is rich in Vitamin K and Calcium. Vitamin K boosts the synthesis of osteocalcin which encourages bone formation and Calcium prevents osteoporosis. Spinach can become a substitute for milk.

Increases Immunity:

increases immunity

Frequent consumption of spinach is encouraged because Carotenoids and anti-oxidants presented in spinach promote the immunity in our body. It helps to prevent vaginal infection, eye disease and life-threatening disease like Cancer.

Prevents Anemia:

prevents anemia

Deficiency of Iron means the low presence of red blood cells or hemoglobin. Iron is one of the vital element for energy. Spinach is an excellent source of Iron, and the consumption will regulate enough amount of RBC in our blood cells.

Controls Blood Pressure:

controls blood pressure

Blood pressure in today’s time has become a major cause of death. A study shows that spinach contains a good amount of nitrates which helps to lower blood pressure. The test conducted on 27 people resulted in a decrease in blood pressure.

Eating spinach has always been beneficial. The consumption of spinach hence proves to maintain a healthy and energetic life. The use of Spinach in Popeye the sailor man is no longer a myth. It is indeed spinach is the source of energy.

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